Think About This!

Right at this moment you're living in the most amazing time in the history of the worlds existence. That may sound like an exaggeration, but it’s not. It’s very true.

For most of us, anything we desire is at our fingertips 24/7. Food, Power, Knowledge, Entertainment, Every Book ever written, a Friends Face on your phone anywhere in the world real time, and now almost free borderless money transactions. Blockchain Technology is the future of Mmney, how the world will do business, and that is what Cryptocurrency will bring to those smart enough to be here early. You are here early!

Hello,  I'm Matty Crypto

An early pioneer of Crypto Currency. My goal is to bring you education, value, and a few Smiles to anyone who follows my content. I want to help you learn about the advantages of Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Technology, and the doors it will open for you. Mass adoption has already begun, and the people who get in now will stand to gain the most, not only financially but also from understanding this new technology before anyone else.

Currently less than 3% of the world

owns Bitcoin, the most popular of all cryptocurrencies. There are also over 2,000 other lesser known crypto coins, but that is for another day. The point is, only a tiny % of people understand the technology that will drive the future. Imagine when that 3% figure is 40 to 50% in the coming years? You are here at the perfect time in history.  Grab it!
Join me on this crazy ride, it’s like the wild west gold rush all over again, but a million times bigger! So grab up your Pick and Shovel (Computer & Phone) and let’s do this!